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Suisse Normande Fishing Society



Category 1 and 2 fishing society for all types of fishing, since 1st May 1938 and boasting a fishing pond in Culey-le-Patry. Every year, we organise a competition and a free day’s fishing.

The zone:
*Banks of the Orne from Pont de la Bataille to the old mine in St. Rémy.
*Ruisseau de la Porte stream and Ruisseau des Vaux stream.
*Pond in Culey-le-Patry, with an APN (nature fishing workshop).

You will find a list of all fishing permit depositories at:

Suisse Normande Tourist Office:
2 Place Saint-Sauveur

Tabac Presse (newsagent/tobacconist):
16 route de Condé
14570 Saint Rémy-sur-Orne
Tel: +33(0)2 31 69 81 31


Base rate : 100,00 €
Base rate : 78,00 €
Base rate : 35,00 €
Child rate : Between 6,00 € and 21,00 €
Mean(s) of payments : Postal or bank cheques, Carte bleue, Cash


Pets allowed : yes


From Saturday, January 1, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022

Find out more informations on the calendar.

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