Whatever your spirit, Calvados is sure to quench your wildest desires!

Calvados offers a multitude of rare pleasures to enjoy all year long. But what exactly are you looking for? Eager to pamper yourself or to share some pleasurable moments with family or friends? Or to indulge in some physical exercise in an exceptional location? A night in an original setting? Discover a vast range of ideas for your next stay in Normandy!

Eager to... share

En famille ou entre amis, partagez des moments hauts en couleurs.


Eager to... embrace

Des idées pour votre prochain week-end ou vos vacances en amoureux.


Eager to... savour

Ponctuez votre séjour de pauses gourmandes et conviviales.


Eager for... energy

You can do anything here. OK, apart from skiing.


Eager to... pamperyourself

Life's too short: so take time to disconnect!


Eager for... originality

Sortez des sentiers battus pour des moments d’exception.


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