Sprinkle your stay with some friendly, gourmet instants

Calvados abounds with ideas and places for you to relish in a taste of its delicious scallops, oysters, calvados, cheeses, Vire ‘andouille’ chitterling sausage, etc. Here are a few choice examples from our selection of seafront restaurants, where local fare has place of honour.

Seafront restaurants andbars

Normandy’s best spots to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat on the beach, or nearby.


Where to enjoya taste of our cider and calvados

The heart of Calvados beats thanks to its apples


A 100% Calvadosmenu by a local chef

Try out the chef's typically Norman recipes, in his Calvados-based restaurant: scallops, apples, cheeses, 'andouille de Vire' tripe sausages...


Scallops: our masterchef's recipe

Scallop recipe


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