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Four of the 5 beaches chosen by the Allies for the 1944 Landings are located in Calvados. For the 80th anniversary of D-Day, numerous events and commemorations are paying tribute to them.

What are the5 Landings beaches?

Symbols of the Battle of Normandy and then the return of peace to Europe, the five D-Day beaches are now applying for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Omaha Beach, Gold Beach … and the others

80th anniversary events

This year, the whole of Normandy is once again celebrating the soldiers who brought peace to Europe by landing on its beaches. On 6 June 2024, the official international ceremony will take place in front of Omaha Beach, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer.

Calvados will come alive for several weeks to celebrate freedom, hosting major events, historical reenactments and exhibitions. Some examples include:


  • At Les Franciscaines in Deauville: exhibition of the historical report by Robert Capa made on the Normandy beaches in partnership with Magnum Photos (25 May to 13 October)
  • Lighting up the coast: fireworks set off from around twenty points along the coast! (2 June)
  • At the Merville Battery: reconstruction of the assault on the battery, paying tribute to the liberating paratroopers of Colonel Otway’s 9th Battalion (5 to 8 June)
  • Bell towers throughout France and the world are invited to ring at 7:44 p.m (6 June)
  • In Isigny-sur-Mer: Isigny Swing festival, a free two-day festival of concerts and swing dance in the Town Hall Park (8 and 9 June)
  • In Arromanches: air show (8 June at 3.00pm)
  • The D-Day Festival Normandy brings together numerous events in Calvados every year (1 to 16 June)
  • Parade of 300 historic vehicles on the Bayeux ring road, the first liberated city in continental France (Sunday June 9 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

Find all the events scheduled in Normandy here :

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8 locations not to be missed

The new ArromanchesMuseum and artificial harbour

The challenge of supplying the troops in 1944 was met thanks to this technical feat: the installation of artificial harbours created from scratch. These remains are still in Arromanches and its principle detailed in its brand new Landings Museum!

Podcast: “In Arromanches, the secrets of the floating harbour

The American cemeteryat Colleville-sur-Mer

Facing the sea, a majestic resting place for more than 9000 fallen soldiers. Among them, some rangers who conquered nearby Pointe du Hoc

A majestic location

The British Memorialat Ver-sur-Mer

This new Memorial, which overlooks Gold Beach, recently began to pay tribute to 22 442 British soldiers who fought and died in the battles to liberate Europe.

On the heights of Ver-sur-Mer

Pegasus Bridge, inRanville

One of the very first strategic objectives of the Allied forces in the early morning of 6 June 1944, Pegasus Bridge was liberated by British soldiers who arrived in gliders. Its larger replica is still in place on the canal.

Quite a symbol

Pointe du Hoc

A major site of the Landings, Pointe du Hoc was one of the strategic sites the American army had to capture on D-Day. A tough fight for the 225 rangers engaged in the attack


Caen Memorial

A Museum for Peace, the Caen Memorial is a major gateway to better understanding the facts of the Second World War, Landings and Battle of Normandy.

The must-see museum

Juno Beach Centre

In Courseulles-sur-Mer, the Juno Beach Centre pays tribute to the Canadian soldiers engaged in the Battle of Normandy. The museum transmits the legacy of this battle to all types of audiences, especially families.

The Landings as told to children

The German Batteryof Longues-sur-Mer

The Longues Battery is a fascinating site of fortifications facing the sea, with several large cannons lined up which were to keep the enemy at bay.

Massive cannons

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