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Longues-sur-Mer German artillery battery



Located on the D-Day Landing beaches, between Arromanches and Port en Bessin, the Longues-sur-Mer German artillery battery is a major element of the Atlantic Wall.

This German coastal defence battery includes a firing command post and four casemates, each one housing its original 150mm gun. Located in the heart of the Allied assault zone, on the top of a cliff overlooking the English Channel, it played a strategic role during the Allied Landings on 6 June 1944. Unaccompanied tours: all year Guided tour lasts 1 hour - Monday to Friday from 6th July to 27th August 2021, mornings exclusively (including 14th July) Tours in French or English: 10.15am Tour in French: 11.30am.


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From Saturday, January 1, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022

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