Kindle your curiosity

Lively culture and among France’s richest heritage: Calvados has so many stories to tell.

Calvados is France’s third-ranking département for its number of historic monuments! Are you keen on architecture? Come and simply marvel at our splendid coastal villas, the discreet manor houses of the Pays d’Auge, or the fortified farms of the Bessin area. Or would you rather get back to nature? Meet with the enthusiastic green fingered experts that are behind our remarkable gardens. Or set off in the footsteps of some of the greatest names in French literature and Impressionist art, or succumb to the poetry of intense musical experiences and colourful live performances.


Parks and gardens

Take a break with nature, in Calvados



Seafront villas

Villas, casinos and luxury hotels: the great wealth and diversity of the Calvados coast's seafront heritage is best admired by raising your gaze.


History unveils itssecrets

Learn of our major pages in history and our lesser-known anecdotes over the many sites and museums throughout Calvados.


Architecture, history's storyteller

A land with a wealth of historic heritage


The most splendidcastles and manor houses

A selection of some of the most splendid castles and manor houses in Normandy, open throughout the year!



Calvados, a landof festivals

Events not to be missed in Calvados


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