A land with a wealth of historic heritage

Half-timbered manor houses, châteaux with formal French gardens, medieval fortresses and abbeys are but a few of the fine heritage sites to admire throughout Calvados.

Normand architecture

Delve into the history of one of the most representative examples of Norman architecture, in this typical castle boasting varnished stones and half-timbering.


The medieval fortresswhere it all began

William the Conqueror left a longstanding mark on history, Falaise Castle bears his signature. A great site to visit with the kids!


For the family

18th century architecture, remarkable gardens and fountains, miniature furniture museum: a great castle to visit with children.


Discover a holyplace

Follow in the footsteps of Saint Thérèse and visit the basilica consecrated in her name. A renowned pilgrimage destination, in Normandy.


Let the lordof the manor welcome you

The Renaissance style Château de Fontaine Henry has remained a family home for the past 800 years. Its owner, the Count Pierre Appolinaire d'Oillamson offers a guided tour with many a fascinating tale.


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