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Church of St. Catherine



One of Honfleur's major sites, Saint Catherine's church is France's largest timber-built church with a separate bell tower.

Saint Catherine's church was built in the town's eponymous quarter during the second half of the 15th century. It replaced the former stone-built church, destroyed the Hundred Years' War.

With the limited resources available at the time, the local inhabitants used wood from the nearby Touques forest as the principal raw material and they applied their naval construction skills. This explains the church's remarkable architecture – entirely made of wood, it is in the shape of an overturned double hull.

The separate bell tower, located opposite the church, is a sturdy oak construction built above the bell-ringer's house. As an annexe to the Eugène Boudin Museum, it is open to visits and houses religious works (sculptures, souvenirs from the Charities and the Notre-Dame de Grâce chapel).



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