A genuine paradise for nature lovers and walking enthusiasts.

Calvados is home to a succession of lavish and undulating landscapes, sure to delight nature lovers and walking enthusiasts alike. A place where many of life’s simple pleasures are close at hand.

Head for Suisse Normande and take to your hiking boots for a tour round Normandy’s “low mountains”, or board a canoe to explore the meanders of the River Orne.

The Pays de Falaise is quite appropriately named, for “falaise” is French for cliff. Embark on an ascent of Mont Joly and learn its fascinating history. The perfect viewpoint to admire the Caen plain, from the breathtaking heights of the Brèche au Diable.

The Normandy Bocage is also well worth a detour and offers many a pleasurable walk. The area is particularly well known for a somewhat surprising activity: bungee jumping. From the Viaduc de la Souleuvre, admire the acrobatic jumps of many a daring adventurer over a family picnic… and why not try it yourself – thrills and spills guaranteed!

A springtime tour of the Normandy countryside, the picturesque Pays d’Auge in particular, offers you many a picture postcard image of the orchards in bloom, reminiscent of a lost paradise.

In the Bessin, inland from the D-Day Landing beaches, an exceptional heritage awaits you: from the coastal marshes to the country, an array of splendid Renaissance manors, fortified farms and castles.

A new landscape round every corner, over a delectable weekend in the heart of Normandy!

With your horse, meander your way along the pathways via the renowned natural sites of this rugged area of Calvados: Pain de Sucre, Rochers de la Houle, Rochers des Parcs. These verdant landscapes have been shaped by the River Orne.


The Suisse NormandeRoute

The Suisse Normande Route takes you on a journey through rugged and steep landscapes as you meander your way along the winding banks of the Orne. From Saint-Omer, a number of breathtaking viewpoints offer you panoramic views from the “Pain de Sucre” and the “Rochers des Parcs” that comprise the Crest Route.


Sentier nature dela brèche au diable

Superb views from the two rocky outcrops above the Laizon are just some of the delights of this walk. It’s a land of legend and an important archaeological site where stone polishing tools found in a rock shelter show human habitation here is very ancient.


Brèche au Diable- Mont Joly

This rocky outcrop overlooking the precipitous Laizon gorges is one of the region's most striking natural sites.
Poussendre polishers on site. At the extremity of the embankment is located the grave of Marie Joly, a famous 18th century actress (deceased 1798).


The Vire gorges

From the very departure point of this emblematic itinerary, you will discover a typical 15th century castle. At your own pace, meander your way along the winding paths of the Vire valley. Don’t miss the Avenel ‘planches’ site, an idyllic location in the heart of the Vire Gorges. Experienced walkers are sure to delight in a few steep portions.


The Vire gorgesroute

Admire the quaint rural and religious heritage that punctuates this tourist trail through Calvados: the Bion grotto and the church of Sainte Marie Outre l’Eau, the church in Malloué…
Don’t forget to head for the Pont Bellanger bridge in the locality named “Les Planches d’Avenel” from where you can marvel at the splendid panoramic view over the River Vire.


Come and discover this magnificent garden in the heart of the Pays d’Auge and admire the local architecture amidst this perfect setting.
Across 3 hectares of verdant and undulating gardens, an array of discoveries await you: small typical half-timbered houses, plant arrangements, unique and original objects…


From the Boissey and Vieux-Pont heights, a vast panoramic view over the Dives valley and its breeding pastures is yours to admire. In the distance, the ridges are punctuated by the wind turbines.


This route will offer you a tour of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain and its highly active fishing harbour, particularly during the scallop fishing season.


Bessin hot-air ballooning

Located in the heart of the Bessin area in Calvados, Bessin Montgolfière offers you the opportunity to discover the region from above.


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