Discover the magnificent panoramas of the Normandy Bocage.

Located in south-west Calvados, the Normandy Bocage is home to the Rivers Vire and Souleuvre. Discover a vast array of landscapes: from granite plateaux to valleys hollowed out by schist, via wooded hillsides…

This is the land of hiking, cycling and trekking: on foot, by bike or on horseback, an abundance of hollow paths and marked routes await you.

Admire the quaint rural and religious heritage that punctuates this tourist trail through Calvados: the Bion grotto and the church of Sainte Marie Outre l’Eau, the church in Malloué…

Don’t forget to head for the Pont Bellanger bridge in the locality named “Les Planches d’Avenel” from where you can marvel at the splendid panoramic view over the River Vire.

The Vire gorges

Amidst these picturesque landscapes, the route takes you along the banks of the Vire. As it occasionally looms above this unpredictable river, offering you an impression of grandeur, vast horizons of rocky slopes and green meadows are yours to marvel at.


The Avenel ‘planches’

The most demanding route, but also the most spectacular. The ideal terrain for experienced mountain-bikers in quest of thrills and spills. At the western extremity of the trail, at the locality named ‘Avenel’, you will need to take care and dismount.


The Souleuvre Valley

After the St. Quentin Chapel, the route descends towards the depths of the Souleuvre valley. Stony paths await you at the end of this fine route. A short route with portions that can prove difficult for younger participants.


The Souleuvre viaduct

Cries resound amidst this quiet and verdant valley. As you pass by the Souleuvre Viaduct, let yourself be tempted by some of the activities on offer - thrills guaranteed!


The Ecuries de la Souleuvre stables in Carville, near the Souleuvre valley and just 5 minutes from Vire, propose horse and pony riding all year long.


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