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Le Valhöll - Escape Game



Valhöll is an immersive adventure centre where, in true Viking saga style, atmosphere, action and riddles await you.

Choose your room: - The Normandy Chapel, inspired by historic raids - you play the role of a small group of Viking warriors, freshly landed on the Normandy coast, after having pillaged the village, you hear of a golden crown inside the chapel. You have very little time left, before the duke arrives. Seize the crown and try to find another way out. - The House of Jarl (the clan chief) sends you to infiltrate his rival’s house to recover a sailing map leading to new lands to prepare for summer raids. You have very little time left before the enemy Jarl returns home. In teams of 2 to 6 players, you have less than 60 minutes to accomplish your mission.




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