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Surf'in Trouville Club (STC)



An affiliate of the French Surfboarding Federation since 2007, this club in Trouville-sur-Mer has chosen to focus on the development of surfboarding and stand up paddle surfing.

The Surf'in Trouville Club (or STC) brings boardsports enthusiasts together. This association organizes collective training along the coastline. Participants can choose to bring their own equipment or, in some cases, borrow it. The club also organizes a series of competitions, mostly at the end of June, and gives members the opportunity to participate in some of the challenges that make up the Normandy championships. The sports association, Surf'in Trouville Club (STC), is the ideal place to discover surfboarding or improve your technique under the personalized guidance of experts who encourage you to push your own limits.




Equipments & services : Changing rooms, Shower


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