Kayak tour at the foot of the Roches Noires rocks



Concept Sport Emotion offers you an opportunity to discover the Roches Noires cliffs in Trouville and Villerville, from the sea. This narrow but wide-stretching site starts to the east of Trouville-sur-Mer to continue over four kilometres as far as Villerville.

The magnificent viewpoint it offers, overlooking the sea, has attracted many illustrious visitors over the past century. The perimeter has since been forbidden to new constructions. The site is of international importance as a winter shelter for oystercatchers. Along with other shorebird species (curlews, sandpipers, yellowlegs, etc.), they come to feed on the molluscs, bivalvia and worms on the mussel banks as soon as they are covered by the tide. At low tide, you can hear the merry song of the birds as thet feed, even if the view does not allow you to precisely locate them (they can be 1km away). Their concert is of such intensity that it nevertheless offers you an idea of just how many of them come to feed here. The nautical guide is a state-qualified professional. Outings are cancelled in stormy weather. Outings are still possible in the case of rain (with suitable clothing), wind or only slightly choppy seas. Regular weather updates are made and we are committed to providing 48 hours’ notice, should we require to cancel due to unfavourable conditions. In this case, no cancellation charge will be made. Lasts 2 hours. Difficulty from 2 to 5. From age 6. Accompanying adult: mandatory. The package includes: provision of a 1, 2 or 3-seat kayak for all levels. Safety equipment, neoprene wetsuit if appropriate. A state-qualified accompanying instructor. Bring your own: swimsuit, towel, change of clothing, sunglasses, cap and sun cream. Bottle of water. Documents to be provided: for minors, a certificate by the parents testifying that the child is in good health and a certificate by the parents testifying that the child can swim 25 metres (8km/2h) - Level 3

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Child rate : 22,00 € until 16 years
Base rate : 30,00 €


Event categories : Discovery, Wildlife, Flora, Water sports, Kayak, Canoeing, Boat trip and excursion, Adult


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