Through the Orange valley



The village of Fourneville, located by Honfleur and Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, proposes a 7km walking route through the Orange valley.

This walking tour is among the Quality Calvados Itineraries and offers you an opportunity to discover one of Calvados’ lesser-known spots for a walk of just under two hours. L’Orange is a river that runs through the Fourneville area, the banks of which offer you a peaceful walking itinerary. You can stop over at the wash house. The 13th century builders of the time designed a structure inspired by the form of a boat, most likely bearing witness to the maritime past of this small river that flows into the sea. Nature lovers are sure to appreciate the route’s woods and pastures!
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Walks and hikes : 6.5, Easy
Difficulties of the journey : Easy


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