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Sentier nature des marais de l'Orne et de la Noë



Located on the outskirts of the Caen conurbation, the banks of the Orne offer an open landscape overlooking the floodable meadows from the Fleury-sur-Orne marshes to the Caen racecourse.

This 4km itinerary follows the maintained footpaths of one of the sensitive natural areas of Calvados, over a vast preserved wetland where you can come across roe deer by day. This easy walking route is perfect for children who can discover Normandy’s preserved fauna and flora. Set off and discover this itinerary by printing the nature path or by downloading it onto your mobile, free of charge, via the Cirkwi app , available on your App Store or Play Store.

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Walks and hikes : Full-day walks, Preserved natural area, 4.1, Easy
Difficulties of the journey : Easy


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