From the Bay of Veys to Falaise.

This 130 mile riding route links the Bay of Veys (in Géfosse-Fontenay) and Falaise.  It follows part of the route that William the Conqueror took over his wild ride in 1047, when he travelled from Valognes to Falaise in less than a day.

The route, which covers a number of major sites, takes you through the Bessin landscapes and the D-Day Landing Beaches, the hollow paths of the Normandy Bocage and Suisse Normande to end in a grand finale at Falaise Castle.

To best prepare your escapade, consult the different stages of William the Conqueror’s Route: stages 1&2, stages 3&4, stages 5&6 and stages 7&8 offering accommodation, both for you and your horse, equestrian professionals and all the services to ensure you have a trouble free and pleasant riding tour.

Download the flyer and the PDF of William the Conqueror’s Route.

A 130 mile horse riding route through the heart of Normandy
Discover Normandy on horseback... William the Conqueror's Route is a horse-riding route that runs along the D-Day Landing Beaches before heading for Suisse Normande and a grand finale at Falaise Castle.


Set off from Ryes for this 57km trek that will take you and your horse to Noyers-Bocage.
From this village in the Bessin area, take your horse along the paths of Calvados, over the same route as the one taken by William the Conqueror.


This 63km trek, covering part of the route riden by William the Conqueror, takes you from the Normandy bocage to the picturesque Suisse Normande area.
From Noyers-Bocage towards Clécy, take portions 5 and 6 of the ‘Chevauchée de Guillaume’ riding route.


Take the last two portions of the Chevauchée de Guillaume route that follows the path taken by William the Conqueror, during his epic ride. On horseback, discover the rugged landscapes and the verdant valleys of the Suisse Normande area and the Pays de Falaise.


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