From the Bay of Veys to Falaise.

This 130 mile riding route links the Bay of Veys (in Géfosse-Fontenay) and Falaise.  It follows part of the route that William the Conqueror took over his wild ride in 1047, when he travelled from Valognes to Falaise in less than a day.

The route, which covers a number of major sites, takes you through the Bessin landscapes and the D-Day Landing Beaches, the hollow paths of the Normandy Bocage and Suisse Normande to end in a grand finale at Falaise Castle.

To best prepare your escapade, consult the different stages of William the Conqueror’s Route: stages 1&2, stages 3&4, stages 5&6 and stages 7&8 offering accommodation, both for you and your horse, equestrian professionals and all the services to ensure you have a trouble free and pleasant riding tour.

Download the flyer and the PDF of William the Conqueror’s Route.

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