The heart of Calvados beats thanks to its apples, which bring fame to Normandy well beyond our frontiers.

Have you ever taken a stroll through these dells dotted with apple trees that blossom in the spring? Or breathed in the air around our calvados and cider producers? Come and discover the story of these apple craftsmen, and relish in a taste of some of their finest bottles, direct at the producer or over one of the delicious cocktails served in our many bars.

Café Mango inCaen:

test the sweet taste of a 'Calva Spirit', a 'Calva Island' or the now famous 'Mojito du Mango' - all calvados-based cocktails.


At the HôtelNormandy bar in Deauville

Marc Jean, the establishment's renowned bartender offers his own interpretation of calvados in his 'Passion Normande' or surprisingly colourful 'Mademoiselle Rose' cocktails.


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