Chairs by Lana Loeber



“My itinerary brought me from Germany to the Norman coast. From East to West, water attracts me. This fish-populated environment, a source providing resources to humans, makes me feel free. The lightness of the sea supports me, my body floats on the waves. The waves break and I find myself on the concrete of the city. There, like a fish trapped into the net, I keep walking. My fish is printed on the concrete chair. Concrete is a permanent material that makes integral part of our society. In one thousand years, a new geological layer will have formed: a layer of concrete.”

This artist of German origins coming from Le Havre and holding a PhD in Geology, has been manipulating concrete to produce artistic objects and “paintings” in the latest 10 years. Using an original technique, she creates objects pouring concrete into a treillus and locking them into a wooden frame. Adding coloured pigments, metallic pieces, pieces of mirrors, fragments of ceramics, she gives a final touch to the creation: a figurative idea is maintained, but the final result remains unpredictable. The artist, a lecturing guide certified by the Ministry of Culture since 2003, was clearly inspired by Perret's architecture. She also organizes children workshops to explore concrete. She is currently exhibiting her works at the "Galerie Gloux" in Concarneau, but she has already worked in the city of Le Havre in 2003. Maybe you have already noticed a tinted concrete low relief on the "Maison Odyssée". This work has been selected through a contest and funded by "Pièces jaunes". The artist committed to the diffusion of art creating with her association called “Regart” an open-door event for workshops organized by the artists of the region: “Open Art”, taking place every two years. Another successful project encourages artistic exchanges with "H2O galerie" in Magdeburg, Germany.





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