Exposition "Panser à toi"



Aurélie Ferruel, born in Mamers in 1988, and Florentine Guédon, born in Cholet in 1990, both graduates of the École des Beaux-arts d?Angers, have formed an artistic duo since 2010.
Their sculptural and installation work is linked to the living. Legends, traditions (rituals, costumes), stories of local people and local know-how are the raw material for the work of these two artists of rural origin, whose research prior to the creation of their works is based on an anthropological approach. The encounters and shared stories they collect, as well as the worlds and lifestyles they discover, nourish their sculptural and performative creations.
Through questions of transmission, inheritance and family secrets, which punctuate their work in ways that are sometimes tender, sometimes funny, sometimes harsh, Aurélie Ferruel and Florentine Guédon point to the complexity and non-binarity of the world, undoing clichés while trying not to create new ones.
For L?Artothèque, Espaces d?art contemporain de Caen, they focus on the figures of Alain, the veterinarian, and Bertrand, the doctor, caregivers of souls and bodies who both work in rural areas
> Exhibition opening Saturday, March 2, 4pm



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From Saturday, March 2, 2024 to Saturday, June 1, 2024

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