Chasse au trésor Normandie - Le Panda d'or



Escape Game in Normandy: "Le Panda d'Or": France's biggest free treasure hunt is launched, and it's taking place in Normandy!
We're delighted to announce the launch of our new game, "Le Panda d'Or", a giant treasure hunt taking place all over Normandy. At Panda Motion, we specialize in outdoor escape games in Normandy, and we're delighted to offer players a unique and fun experience to discover the region in a new light.

Your objective is simple: to find a genuine gold coin bearing the image of the Panda, worth 1000? To achieve this, participants will have to solve a series of enigmas and challenges, spread over several emblematic locations in the region. The game is free and open to all.
Only the last riddle requires a physical visit to the site, in order to get your hands on the most precious asset currently buried in Normandy soil!

We came up with this idea to help Normans rediscover Normandy themselves, while offering them a fun and cultural entertainment experience. We want to encourage the region's inhabitants to stay in Normandy and benefit economically from the region, rather than moving away from it, which also contributes to a better protection of the environment.
Another aim of the game is to help visitors from outside the region to become aware of all the riches our region has to offer, and thus to prolong their stay here, to better support the Normandy economy and combat minute tourism.
"Le Panda d'Or" is a truly immersive experience, combining culture, history and games. With family or friends, everyone can take part and discover Normandy in a whole new light.
To take part in this unique adventure, visit our website.
We're delighted to offer this innovative initiative, and hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoyed creating it,
Put your thinking caps on, only the best will make it to the final cache, why not you?
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Event categories : Tradition and folklore, Visit, Discovery, Ecologically sensitive natural areas, Tales and games, Heritage, D-Day, History, Sporting competition, Medieval, Rambling, Rural activities, Archeology, Sea, Sustainable development, Charity event, Impressionism


From Monday, July 31, 2023 to Sunday, June 30, 2024

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