Who has never heard of Cabourg or Deauville?

Simply everyone has heard of Cabourg and Deauville. Stretching as far as Honfleur, the Côte Fleurie coast in Calvados offers a medley of invigorating sea air, elegant architecture and a hint of luxury that have long since charmed outdoor enthusiasts and romantic spirits alike.

Take a strollthrough Cabourg.

Cabourg is home to the quintessentially romantic beach. For you to fully appreciate all its qualities, take a late afternoon stroll along the beach, from where you can admire the sumptuous Belle Époque villas that line the foreshore. Just like nearby Houlgate, this seaside resort offers a whole palette of colours, and both are proud to be located on the prestigious Côte Fleurie coast!



Before the fascinating Black Cow Cliffs, where fossils abound for the alert visitor, just follow the sandy beach to the charming and family seaside resort of Villers-sur-mer


Welcome to Deauville.

They call it the high-society destination... Yet, it is simply a resort that shines like the many stars it welcomes. From its seafront promenade (and its famous 'Planches' boardwalk), its immense sandy beach and the fine stylish establishments that run along its shores, one could almost forget that it is also one of the leading meeting places for horse lovers, offering an essential link between the seafront and the Pays d'Auge countryside.



Deauville’s twin sister, Trouville-sur-Mer, is an equally popular resort. Its Belle Époque charm and narrow streets seem to conceal some well-kept secret… The main avenue, lined with restaurants and stores, offers visitors the constant view of the splendid hundred-year-old casino and luxury Cures Marines hotel and spa, facing Trouville’s fine sandy beach - the perfect destination for visitors in search of open spaces.



On the heights between Trouville and Honfleur, simply lose yourself on the immense beach in the small and discreet village of Villerville, where cinema is a way of life. Indeed, it served as the set for A Monkey in Winter, a film starring Jean Gabin and Jean-Paul Belmondo.



Finally, at the eastern extremity of Calvados, you'll have no trouble imagining Honfleur in the Middle Ages: this unique, 1,000 year-old town has preserved striking vestiges of its illustrious past. Its wooden church, with separate spire. Unique in France! Its marina, in the very heart of the town, lined with narrow and colourful terraced buildings. A marvel for photographers! One thing is sure: Honfleur is 'a harbour like no other'!


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