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Only staying 1 or 2 days? Then you have no time to waste. What to see, what to do in Caen – just follow your guide.

Welcome to Caen.

To offer you the most comprehensive insight into Caen, and to ensure you have fun in doing so, why not take a tour of its vast castle enclosure, medieval streets, marina and fantastic sleeping cemeteries… aboard a personal transporter?!


Not one, nottwo, but three abbeys.

The Mens’ Abbey, the Ladies’ Abbey and the Abbey of our Lady of the Ardennes: three monuments founded around 1,000 years ago, each with its own special atmosphere - a must!


At lunchtime.

Caen boasts 4 Michelin-starred restaurants, along with a number of traditional or contemporary eating places, just a short drive from the seafront. You’ll be spoilt for choice, so why not stay a little longer?! ☺


From Caen tothe sea, by bike

In just 1 hour, you can be at the nearest beach, at Ouistreham. Enjoy a peaceful cycle along the specially reserved green way and you’ll pass by the Château de Beauregard and the Château de Bénouville, and, of course, the legendary Pegasus Bridge. Then, looming at a height of 40 metres, the Ouistreham lighthouse is the sign that you’ve almost reached your destination!


Your perfect beach.

To fully immerse yourself in the troublefree atmosphere of the seafront, open your parasol, put your earphones on and simply lose yourself to the sound of ‘La Délicate’ - a guided commentary from history to amusing tales, along the beaches of Lion-sur-Mer and Hermanville-sur-Mer.


What to doby the sea?

If you’d like to do more than just relax on the shore or build the most beautiful sand castle, then head for the OCEAN sailing school, where you can indulge in a few hours land yachting, one of our water sports you simply can’t miss out on, accessible for all ages.


Lose yourself amidstnature’s best.

Pointe du Siège is one of our most secret corners - a place where you can truly get away from it all. Stroll your way along the sand towards the ornithological observatory, or take a tour of this charming peninsula aboard a kayak.


A Sunday outing around Caen

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