The Normandy Bocage's principle town

Located in southern Calvados, Vire is a former fortified town which has preserved many fine vestiges.
The Porte Horloge (clock gate), the Geôle tower and the chapel of Saint Louis bear witness to the town’s medieval past.


Granite buildings intermingle perfectly with those of the post-war reconstruction period. This modern heritage is best appreciated over a guided tour.

Gourmet enthusiasts are also sure to appreciate Vire’s very own speciality – “andouille” smoked chitterling sausage, made according to a recipe that dates back to the 16th century.

Not to be missed: the Guy Degrenne cutlery and silverware manufacturing workshops and the Asselot “andouille” production site, both in Vire.

Not to be missed: the Virevoltés street art festival in July.

Hôtels in Vire

The selection of restaurants in Vire


Restaurants in Vire

The selection of hotels in Vire


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