A guided tour of this place where nature has remained untamed.

They are one of Calvados’ best kept secrets. In winter, the Cotentin and Bessin marshes are transformed into genuine inland seas, reflecting the skies like a mirror, plunging the whole area into an incomparable natural slumber.

When the marshesbecome mirrors

There is no better time to fully immerse yourself in the plenitude of the place. In winter, the five rivers that meander their way through this valley are filled with the season's rains, inundating the marshes to create the 'blanchie'. A superb phenomenon which is explained in detail at the Maison du Parc Régional des Marais visitor centre where a whole programme of events and demonstrations are on the agenda.


The world toyourself

Over a peaceful walk, with the marshes' typical flora all around you and under the protective gaze of the storks, lose yourself in the wildly natural setting of the River Elle.


Nature within reach

In Saint-Germain-du-Pert or in Canchy, before the church in Monfréville or behind the one in Trévières, there is many a landscaped viewpoint for you to comfortably marvel at nature's finest show. And why not try an original slant over a ride in a horse-drawn carriage?!


Illustrious edifices

Nestling, almost hidden from view, amidst these green and blue hues, our castles have many a fascinating tale to tell. The Count Etienne de Maupeou d'Ableiges is delighted to tell you of the many lives of his medieval castle in Colombières...


And to adda hint of variety

Whatever your fancy, the marshland environment offers a variety of discoveries, from a face-to-face encounter with sea lions at Isigny-sur-Mer, or a delve into how the famous Isigny caramels are made, or to by setting sail for a tour around islands that are closed to the public...


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