From Honfleur to Isigny-sur-Mer

75 miles of coastline waiting to be discovered from Honfleur to Grandcamp-Maisy.

Long stretches of fine sandy beach and splendid resort architecture are just two of the many charms of the Calvados coast. Yet the Calvados coast is essentially a destination to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, such as a stroll along the shore at low tide, hand in hand, family fun building the most splendid of sandcastles, an initiation to a vast range of water sports in one of the coast’s many clubs, a taste of a delicious seafood platter over a fine sea view, a day spent shellfish gathering…

Each of your seafront weekends in Calvados, in the heart of Normandy, will resemble no other. From Grandcamp-Maisy to the beach huts in Ouistreham, via the Deauville boardwalk, Normandy’s coast is as diverse as it is engaging. Calvados boasts, not just one but three different coasts, each with its own charm and unique appeal.

Côte Fleurie, thechic and romantic coast

Cabourg, Deauville and Honfleur are but a few examples of the emblematic towns dotted along the Côte Fleurie coast.


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