Discover our 7 Michelin star-awarded restaurants

A total of 7 restaurants in Calvados boast at least one star in the famous Michelin Red Guide.

The Michelin Guide has awarded 2 stars to Chef Alexandre Bourdas’ restaurant, the Sa.Qua.Na in Honfleur.

Delight in cuisine inspired by Normandy’s finest country fare, revamped by chefs with infinitely inspired imagination.

Indulge yourself in Normandy, by treating yourself to a delicious dinner in one of the 8 Michelin star-spangled restaurants in Calvados.


Restaurant Ivan Vautier

One of Caen’s must try establishments.
Within an elegantly contemporary decor, the Michelin star-awarded chef, Ivan Vautier, proposes the best in Normandy’s cuisine, always inspired, creative and subtle, based on fresh produce.


A Contre Sens

Une cuisine toute personnelle, faite de contrastes, rigoureuse et respectueuse des traditions.


Le Pavé d'Auge

This timelessly popular establishment is almost a mandatory stopover for anyone touring the Cider Route.
The chef Jérôme Bansard welcomes you to the former indoor market in the centre of the preserved village of Beuvron-en-Auge.



Un lieu de sens et de goût. En japonais, "Sakana" signifie poisson.


Château de Sully

Une majestueuse entrée ouvre ses portes de ce château du...


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