Village de Blangy-le-Château



Blangy-le-Château is one of those small Norman villages we love so much. The village nestles in the Chaussey valley, overlooked by wooded hills. The main street is filled with colorful half-timbered and brick houses.
The Coq Hardis inn is the oldest building in the village, dating back to the 16th century.
As you walk along, you'll realize that water is a key feature of the village, with path names such as chemin des fontaines, le vieux lavoir and .....
Near the washhouse is a pretty thatched cottage. These green-roofed houses are part of Normandy's charm!
Tip: come in the spring to see the iris blooming at the top of the thatched cottages! Did you know that the rhizomes of these flowers regulate the humidity level of the ridge and keep everything in place?
At the beginning of the 20th century, the girls' school was at the top of the village (the post office building) and the boys' school at the bottom, next to the gendarmerie.
The former gendarmerie is a brick building (opposite the town hall). You'll easily recognize it, as the inscription is still there.
On the evening of a full moon, we advise you not to wander around at the foot of the castle ruins... You might encounter Claire's ghost.
The castle was destroyed during the 100 Years' War.




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