Water rules around here, whether in lakes, clear streams, boggy meadows or wet woodlands, it imposes its presence on every living species. Only visitors can keep their feet dry, thanks to a path built on piles. Their journey will be accompanied by the song of the large gold and large marsh grasshopper or the short-winged conehead, another wetland grasshopper. The praying mantis, previously completely unknown in Basse-Normandie, is particularly abundant. The lesser marbled fritillary, a butterfly also known as the "grande violette" in French, despite its orange colour, can be seen flying in July and August. The area is a breeding ground for wetland birds, such as the common Grasshopper warbler. Rare orchids flower undisturbed. Without grazing or mowing, this orchid would disappear under pressure from the sedges. On the banks of the Corbionne, the European White Elm can be identified in the spring by its lash-lined seeds.

Discovery trail located at "Les Grands Prés". Accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Guided tours only available from the Parc du Perche and the Commune de Bretoncelles.