Université de Caen



Founded in 1432, the University of Caen was first set up in rue des Cordeliers, at the bedside of the old Saint-Sauveur church, on the present site of Camille Blaisot Square. It was destroyed by a bombing in July 1944, which caused it to burn down

Rebuilt from 1948 onwards under the impetus of Rector Pierre Daure, it was inaugurated in 1957.

Today, Campus I is listed as a historical monument. It also has a remarkable artistic heritage with works by Yvonne Guégan, Charles-Emile Pinson, Jacques Pasquier, Raymond Subes ....

Louis Leygue's sculpture, the Phoenix, marks the entrance to the campus and symbolizes the rebirth of the institution and, more generally, of the city. He created this work at the request of Henry Bernard. It measures 7.80 m high, 2.80 m wide and 1.70 m deep.

Today, the University of Caen welcomes nearly 30,000 students spread across its various campuses, and the city is the seat of the largest student carnival in Europe.




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