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Univers Trail 8 -Le Mont d’Ancre



Head for the heights of Curcy-sur-Orne along the steep path of the tenant farm and then reach Hamars and its valley. You enter the state forest of Valcongrain, first through the Bois de Campandré and then the Mont d'Ancre to reach the village of St Martin de Sallen and its chapel of St Joseph. End of the route by the hill of hell before joining the base of leisures at the edge of the Orne


Due to an act of malice, the trail markers have disappeared in the Bois de Campandré. To compensate for the temporary absence of markings, you can follow the black mountain bike markings of circuit 3 which runs along the Vingt Bec stream and then, after crossing the D6, in the Valcongrain national forest, follow the GR221 to St Martin de Sallen.
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