The Souleuvre Viaduct <> Mortain itinerary



When you leave the viaduct, you will head for La Graverie (via very calm roads) on the start of a green way that leads to Vire, home to the famous ‘andouille’ chitterling sausage. The green way resumes a few kilometres to the west of Vire, and 8km to the south, a hiker’s stopover (converted former railway station with tables, picnic area and WC) is at your disposal for a well-deserved break.
You can enjoy the undulating landscapes on the approach to Sourdeval, where a hiker’s stopover with picnic tables, a shelter and toilets awaits you. Then continue to Mortain, and admire its heritage, waterfalls and hedgerowed landscapes.



Walks and hikes : Easy, 52
Difficulties of the journey : Easy


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