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Sentier des Seigneurs



On the outskirts of Honfleur, take this route aboard a small and sporty horsedrawn carriage for a tour of the area around Quetteville.

The ‘Sentier des Seigneurs’, or the Lords’ Route, is a 10km Quality Calvados Itinerary that takes you through Normandy’s typical ‘bocage’ hedgerowed landscapes, from the Morelle Valley to the pastures of the agricultural plain. On your way back, make sure you and your horse indulge in a well-deserved break! Stop at the Church of St Lawrence (Saint Laurent) and, just off the trail, the fountain of the same name offers you its waters. Pages of history within reach… The waters of the St Lawrence fountain are said to heal skin diseases. As for the church, built in the 11th century during the Christianisation of the Vikings that had settled in the region, it is also dedicated to St Lawrence. It boasts a statue of the Saint who was called upon to heal skin disorders. As per local custom, pins were spiked onto the statue precisely on the painful spot. The village of Quetteville celebrates St Lawrence in August. You can come to this Calvados village by horse-drawn carriage! This trail can also be taken on foot.

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Walks and hikes : Full-day walks, 10, Easy
Difficulties of the journey : Easy


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