Stand-up paddleboarding tour of the Touques.



Guided tour with the loan of equipment and a tasting of local products.
An unusual way to discover Trouville-sur-Mer.
Take the time to observe the architectural, historical and cultural heritage that the town has to offer by exploring the Touques while stand-up paddleboarding. The route passes in front of the Casino and the Town Hall, and then, after a loop under the Pont des Belges, Stive will invite you to enjoy a gourmet break at the famous fish market located in the heart of the town. You will gently continue on your way down the Touques, until you reach the sea and the beach at Trouville-sur-Mer.

Competent swimmer (official certificate or sworn statement required)

Depending on the weather conditions: bathing suit, towel and change of clothes, sunglasses, hat or cap and sun cream.
Cancellation in the event of a thunderstorm. Possible to still paddle in rain, wind or rough sea depending on the level of practice.



Randonnées : Thematic hiking


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