Stand up paddle (SUP or rowing board) is a surfing discipline where the surfer stands on a board that is longer and wider than a conventional long board (between 10 and 15 feet or ~3m - 4.5m) and moves with the help of a paddle. Once he has chosen his wave, he propels himself with his paddle to acquire sufficient speed and at take off moves towards the back of his board. He steers by his body weight and his paddle, which is then used as a pivot point.

Up to 10/12 people
For a good dose of fun and enjoyment!

Remember to equip yourself:
- A swimming costume
- A pair of shoes that can go in the water
- A specific parental authorisation for minors (contact us)


between 60,00€ and 105,00€

Mean(s) of payments : Carte bleue, Postal or bank cheques, Cash, Eurocard - Mastercard, Money transfer


Facilities and services :
Toilets, Shower, Slipways
Walks, treks and trails :


Start date : 01/03/2021 - End date : 31/12/2021

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Quality labels : Point Plage FFVoile

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