Stages de pilotage sur le Circuit Automobile de Pont l'Evêque



When you visit the Pont-l?Evêque circuit, you'll have access to a range of different driving packages.
You compose your own driving package, choosing from one to four cars to drive on a 2km technical circuit.
Several formulas are available:
The speed baptism, where you'll be taken at top speed as a passenger by a driver instructor over 4 laps,
A session of 2 or 4 laps at the wheel of a GT car such as a Porsche, Audi R8 or Alpine A110, with the instructor as your passenger
The 15-minute driving session (for 8 to 10 laps) at the wheel of a LOTUS, during which an instructor will coach you via a radio link. A passenger of your choice can also accompany you free of charge during your LOTUS laps

 2024 Tarifs individuels


Base rate : 90,00 €
Base rate : 90,00 €
Base rate : 90,00 €
Base rate : 110,00 €
Base rate : 100,00 €
Base rate : 80,00 €
Base rate : 90,00 €
Base rate : 70,00 €
Mean(s) of payments : Carte bleue, Cash, Visa



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