Sea wading with the Normandiques association



Nordic walking consists in walking at a faster pace than ordinary walking or hiking, thanks to the use of 2 specific walking sticks that accentuate your natural arm movements and help thrust you forwards - hence enabling you to effortlessly walk faster! 90% of your muscles are in action, which means you apply increased energy, hence encouraging weight loss. This healthy sport offers a vast range of benefits and regular Nordic walking is highly recommended by doctors.

Walking routes, in the company of volunteer coaches, include the beach between Deauville and Villers-sur-Mer, the Blonville-Villers marshes, Pont l’Evêque, Honfleur and Surville (depending on tides).


Base rate : 40,00 €
Base rate : 60,00 €


Randonnées : Accompanying / Escorting


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