An alternative view of the Pointe du Hoc.
Discover the Pointe du Hoc like never before.
Embark on a kayak journey to observe the cliffs that were stormed by the Rangers on the morning of June 6th, 1944, from a completely new angle.

At the foot of the sheer cliffs, your guide, Eric, will describe in detail the procedure deployed by the Rangers when capturing this strategic point. This original tour of the Pointe du Hoc is also the opportunity for you to discover a coastline which today houses one of the largest colonies of black-legged kittiwakes in Europe. Above all, this trip involves the simple pleasures of kayaking the length of Normandy's coastline.

 Balade en mer vers la Pointe du Hoc


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Car park, Changing rooms, Shower
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Pets allowed : no

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