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Public seabathing centre



The public seabathing centre is located on the beach in the seaside resort of Deauville and proposes parasols and beach cabins for hire.

Make the most of the joys of the Côte Fleurie seafront and the beach, thanks to the public seabathing centre, offering the added comfort of beach cabins, deck chairs, parasols and beach mats. Equipment for the beach can be hired on a daily or a longer basis - even for an entire season. You can book equipment as from the month of January. For, indeed, the boardwalk cabins are highly popular, in this star-studded site… A parasol intendant can also come and help you install your equipment, so make the most. Our staff are also there to offer you advice and information on tide times, water temperature, events / entertainment, shower services, etc. Deauville’s famous parasols are ready to welcome you!


Base rate : 5,00 €
Base rate : 15,00 € (High-season)
Base rate : 26,00 € (High-season)
Base rate : 15,00 € (High-season)
Base rate : 20,00 € (High-season)
Base rate : 22,00 € (High-season)



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