Yann Bouilly, your state-qualified fishing instructor and guide, proposes a range of sea fishing packages.

The ideal opportunity to discover sea fishing aboard a local boat.

Various techniques are covered:
- vertical or cast and retrieve fishing with a supple lure,
- hard lure fishing
- and handline fishing (natural bait) which also brings its share of great surprises.

A keen pleasure fisher (rather than a performance fisher), Yann will guide you on your quest for the many fish that occupy the Normandy coastline, such as sea bass, pollock, mackerel, pout, mullet, wrasse and sea bream.

Outing lasts: 2 to 6 hours (the entire tide).

New - your guide proposes an initiation into shore angling, surf fishing and lure fishing in certain sectors.
The perfect opportunity for you to learn how to prepare your equipment yourself and how to look for natural bait.


Base rate
Base rate

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Age : 6-12 years, 12-16 years, All ages