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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Falaise - Bureau d'informations touristiques de Falaise



The Pays de Falaise is a tourist area in the heart of Normandy.

Ideally located, the Pays de Falaise is the perfect destination for your next holiday. Just 2 hours from Paris and 45 minutes from the D-Day Landing beaches, this part of Normandy offers an astonishing diversity of preserved landscapes. A genuine concentration of Normandy in its own right: plains and ‘bocage’ hedgerows, rugged landscapes… just a few kilometres suffice for the landscape to transform from the plain to the craggy Suisse Normande area, from the typical Pays d'Auge to the Cinglais forest. The landscape is shaped by two major rivers. The Orne to the west and the Dives to the east, the meanders of which offer the landscape its atypical relief, shaping some perfect spots for water sports, in Pont-d'Ouilly for example.

At the crossroads of great former trade routes and pilgrimage pathways, the Pays de Falaise is steeped in history that is as old as it is eventful, offering a wealth of culture and heritage. The Middle Ages left a long-lasting mark on the town of Falaise, whose most illustrious child was unquestionably William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England. Its medievial fortress, William the Conqueror’s castle, and its urban walls are open to visitors all year long.

Also intensely associated with the Second World War, with the Battle of the Falaise-Chambois pocket, this successfully rebuilt town now offers visitors a vast palette of activities. Its brand new Civilians in Wartime Memorial offers visitors a genuinely immersive journey into day-to-day life at the time. A land of traditions and good living, the Pays de Falaise also offers a wealth of gourmet discoveries.

The whole team at the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office welcomes visitors throughout the year and is there to help you organise your stay.



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