Moulin de la Porte d'Argences



Located in the heart of the village, the origins of this mill date back to the 11th century. It was the largest of the four built by Fécamp Abbey. The AAMPA association (Association des Amis du Moulin de la Porte d?Argences), which runs the mill, knows its history inside out, and recounts it during tours of the mill.

Duke William of Normandy refueled here before the battle of Val ès Dunes in 1047. Leased by the lord abbot of Fécamp, who collected substantial feudal dues, the mill was privatized after the French Revolution. It was equipped with two, then three wheels. Only one remained in 1949, when the last private owner installed a turbine in the river, which still drives the entire mechanism in full working order.

Acquired by the municipality in 2000, it has since benefited from extensive restoration work.

It is open to the public and put into organic wheat production during the Heritage Days, on the third weekends of June and September. Its history is recounted in a brochure and leaflet available from the Val ès dunes Tourist Office. Group visits possible all year round.




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