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Côteau du Mesnil-Soleil – Monts d'Eraines Nature Reserve



Belonging to the Monts d'Eraines, the site's subsoil, orientation and topography combine to explain the presence, on its slopes, of distinctive and quite unique vegetation in Lower Normandy (rare plants including large selfheal).

Forming part of the Monts d’Eraines, its subsoil, southerly orientation and specific topography explain the presence of quite unique plant life on these limestone slopes (including very rare plants, among which several wild orchid species). These elements are responsible for the development of a vast array of specific and characteristic fauna and flora, in an environment of dry, warm grassland. Around 200 different butterfly species can also be admired here. You can access the car park via the Falaise airfield.

 Coteau de Mesnil Soleil



Pets allowed : no


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