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Merville-Franceville Beach



Merville-Franceville beach can be accessed from various points within the seaside resort and boasts a lovely promenade.

You can access the beach from: - the main car park - Kite-r Evolution - the play area - Avenue Jean Mermoz - Avenue de la Côte Fleurie - the Mouettes car park - the Magniez car park - 3 lifeguard posts are open in July and August, every day from 12 noon to 6.30pm (tel: +33(0)2 31 24 22 39).
During the same opening hours, physically impaired visitors can collect a specially adapted ‘Tiralo’ wheelchair at the N1 lifeguard post. Toilets, showers and a baby changing facilities are also available at the same post. Please refer to the enclosed document for information on guarded and non-guarded zones. In July and August, you can hire hooded beach chairs on site, next to the N1 lifeguard post: €6 for a half-day, €10 for a full day, €50 for a week or €150 for a month. Unless otherwise specified, dogs are permitted on the beach all year, but must be kept on a leash. However, from 1st July to 31st August and from 9am to 8pm, they are not permitted within the area stretching from the western extremity of the bathing zone at the N3 lifeguard post and the eastern extremity of the bathing zone at the N2 post. They remain permitted all day to the east of the N2 post. Horses are permitted on the beach, subject to the following conditions: - From 16th June to 30th September, from 5 to 9am and after 8pm: only at the eastern extremity of the town and the Mouettes parking, between the Orne estuary and the marked kitesurfing zone, and exclusively 2 hours before and after the official low tide time. - The rest of the year: every day except Saturdays, Sundays, long weekends and public holidays, during which they are permitted before 10am and after 7pm on the entire beach. The main part of the beach boasts a pleasant promenade. Both extremities offer more natural, wilder environments with a few dunes.




Equipments & services : Car park, Shower
Pets allowed : no


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