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Memory Tracks invites you to follow in the footsteps of those who played a part in, and witnessed, the greatest military operation of all time: the Allied landings on the Normandy coast on June 6, 1944.

On that day, nearly 6,900 ships, more than 11,000 planes and gliders, and 132,000 soldiers stormed the coastline of the Calvados and Manche departments. An event that had been awaited for years by European populations enslaved by the Nazi regime, but also, in the East, by the Soviet army, which had been at war with Germany for 36 months.

In 2024, we offer three main tours, all of which are very comprehensive. We can also design entirely customized tours with you and for you.

For example, we'll take you to the places where airborne troops, parachuted or airlifted by glider, took up position in the middle of the night, several kilometers inland, and fought the first battles more than 6 hours before the naval assault was launched.

You'll also discover - or rediscover - the beaches where, in the early hours of the morning, thousands of young men, the vast majority of whom had never set foot on continental European soil, rushed into the icy waters under enemy fire.
You'll have the chance to visit the major remains of the Atlantic Wall, and, of course, to pay your respects in one of the most moving places of remembrance, the military cemeteries, of which there are unfortunately many in Normandy.

Along the way, we'll be stopping to show you photographs taken during the fighting, on the very spot (to the nearest metre) where you'll find yourself 80 years later. Surprises and emotions guaranteed...

Your vehicle is a Peugeot "Traveller" that we've chosen to take you on the roads of Normandy and give you what we hope will be an unforgettable historical experience.
Safe, comfortable and able to accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers, it's the ideal vehicle to fully appreciate this day.

See you soon!


Base rate : 125,00 €
Child rate : 45,00 € until 11 years
Free : 0,00 € until 5 years
Base rate : Between 490,00 € and 690,00 €
Mean(s) of payments : Carte bleue, Cash, American Express


Languages spoken : English


From Wednesday, April 10, 2024 to Tuesday, October 1, 2024

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