Creation of glass objects, stained glass

After working in a variety of professions, my ambition was to set up a workshop to make glass objects, combining unique creations with creative and educational activities. I like to follow in this long line of stained glass artists and share my enthusiasm.

The workshop offers you creations using a variety of techniques based on glass, the preferred medium for contemporary creation. In keeping with tradition, or with a concern for modernity, stained glass is made with lead or using the Tiffany method, and objects with a process that extends the possibilities of the material to infinity, fusing.

For a decorating project, the works are presented as if they were paintings: to be placed, hung or framed to create a colorful, luminous atmosphere.

Free estimate for an original creation of your choice.
Visits to the studio all year round, by appointment, as well as access to the boutique for original and unique gifts. And don't forget to offer gift cards for workshops.


Hands-on activities to help children express themselves and develop their sense of creativity

- Color and light: For the very young, an introduction to stained glass through a variety of manual activities, duration 1 hour, 10 euros
- Mon premier vitrail: Creation of a stained-glass suncatcher. From age 7, duration 1h30, 12 euros
- Attrape-soleil: Creation of a small stained-glass window to hang, using the Tiffany method. From 12 years, duration 4h30, 50 and 60 euros and duo formula adult and child from 8 years, 80 euros.
- Vitrail +: Creation of a mirror or photophore, after two "Suncatcher" courses. From 11 years, duration 4h30, 60 euros
- Façon Mondrian: Creation of a 15x15 cm lead stained-glass window, after two or three "Attrape-soleil" courses. From age 13, duration 5 hours, 55 euros
- Glass painting: Creation of a painted tile or volume object. From 8 years, duration 2 hours, 18 euros

Tools and materials are provided, and students take away their own creations


These courses are designed for anyone wishing to learn an original technique, halfway between art and craft. Stained-glass classes comprise 4-5 participants.

- Attrape-soleil: creation of a small Tiffany stained-glass window for hanging. Duration 4 hours 30, 65 euros
- Mondrian-style stained glass: 15X15 cm or mirror. Duration: 4 hours 30, 70 euros
- Vitrail Loisir 1: creation of a 25 cm panel with a geometric motif, for framing or hanging. Duration: 7 hours, 80 euros
- Vitrail Loisir 2: creation of a 25 cm panel, with a figurative motif of your choice: seagull, sailboat, etc. Duration 8-9 hours, 90 euros
- Stained glass two days: creation of a geometrical stained glass panel, approx. 35 cm or mirror. Two days, 160 euros
- Advanced course: creation of personalized figurative stained glass. 4 days, 330 euros

Tools and materials are supplied and the trainee leaves with his or her own work

Registration: natboulhaut@yahoo.fr/ 06 27 14 71 44

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