Les Halles



Dives-sur-Mer’s indoor market bears witness to this highly active trade point that probably dates back prior to the 11th century. Dating on structural wooden beams conducted in 2012 has established that the market’s construction dates from the early 15th century, between 1405 and 1423.

The building comprises a central nave and two symmetrical side aisles. The roof frame is supported by a series of 66 oak pillars, as were all major constructions at the time.

The market was originally an open building, up to the early 20th century. The present-day side aisles were recently added, in typical Pays d’Auge half-timbered style, comprising a wooden skeleton with cob (a mix of clay and hay) between the beams. The roof is covered with old tiles produced from local clay.

The wooden framework is in its original state. In the 1950s the eastern side of the market was closed. The floor was paved, which increased the level by around 20cm, and windows were added to the roofing to allow for natural light.

The building houses a highly popular market on Saturday mornings, where you can find an excellent choice of regional fare.



Pets allowed : yes


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