Nathalie Nguyen, body therapy
Emmanuelle Mellot-Kristy workshop
Agnès Brugier, writing workshop
Reunited under the same name ‘A L’APPEL DES OISEAUX - Ateliers au Grand Air’ (Outdoor workshops)

A l’Appel des Oiseux offers an opportunity for self expression via artistic, literary and bodily activities associated with nature. Several times a year, the Ateliers du Grand Air outdoor workshops organise courses at the Manoir de la Place in Honfleur.
- Visit landscapes and gather the impressions and materials that will form the basis of Workshops.
- Cultivate the notion of presence in body relaxation workshops, meditative walks, Qi Gong and massages.
- Find and place words over the writing workshops.
- Give shape and form to impressions in the artistic workshops: land art and printed art.