Land Art: Creating with nature



Since time immemorial, artists have cast their gaze on these landscapes. And they have drawn, painted, photographed and interpreted them.
A new trend, referred to as Land Art, appeared in the 1960s, via which nature is not only represented, but is at the heart of the artists’ work, directly using the tools and materials mother nature offers: wood, stone, sand, water, rocks, clay, etc… to create fleeting works that the wind, the tides and erosion will gradually disperse or transform.
They only remain intact through photographs or videos.
The Villerville landscape is particularly propitious to presenting this art form: The Plage des Graves beach, home to rocks, shells, driftwood, rough clay and gushing sources, is a genuine open-air artist’s studio, an invitation to create.
Observe the site, leave a mark, carve its clay, offer new leaves to dead wood, line up the sea shells to form a mosaic… but also, why not, create a drawing from observation… Each artist finds his or her own inspiration, within the group and with help and advice from Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy, a Villerville-based artist.

Participants: Adults and children from 7 to 77 years. However, please note:
- That we will be walking around 1 kilometre across the beach to reach the site.
- That children must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the activity.

We work essentially with the material we find on site.
Nevertheless, a bucket or a large bag can prove practical for collecting material before using it.
Participants wishing to draw must bring their own choice of pencils, crayons and paper.

Prefer clothing adapted to suit beach activities: swimsuit, pareo, t-shirt, shorts, etc… clothes that are not too fragile if stained with mud, jelly shoes or equivalent for walking on rocks, and potentially protective gloves for fragile hands, a straw hat/cap… and sun cream because, when you are concentrating on your work, it is important you don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Bottles of mineral water. And, of course, a camera so you can take home a souvenir of your own, fleeting work of art.



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