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La Chevauchée du Pays d'Auge à la Seine



Starting from Falaise to reach Jumièges, this new 265 km itinerary crosses the Auge country to link it to the Seine. It follows the Risle valley and offers you an immersion in the land dotted with stud farms where the horse is king. On this itinerary, you will have the opportunity to wander on paths that will lead you to some of the high tourist places of the territory such as the Castle of Falaise, Orbec and the source of the Orbiquet, Broglie and the valley of the Charentonne, the Abbey of Bec Hellouin, the Forest of Montfort sur Risle, Aizier and its point of view on the Seine but also the Forest of Brotonne and the Abbey of Jumièges.
A real bridge between the territories, it will be possible from now on through this network of great equestrian routes to reach the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel from the Seine-Maritime.

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