Departing from Clécy, set off to discover the Suisse Normande and Pays de Falaise areas over this 38km trek.

Take the last two portions of the Chevauchée de Guillaume route that follows the path taken by William the Conqueror, during his epic ride. On horseback, discover the rugged landscapes and the verdant valleys of the Suisse Normande area and the Pays de Falaise. After a 9-hour ride, you will finally reach the medieval city of Falaise. This outing is designed for riders with a little experience, its difficulty being considered ‘moderate’.

 Cartes 19 à 22, Chevauchée de Guillaume de Clécy à Falaise
 Maps 19 to 22 -William the conqueror’s route - Clécy > Falaise
 Carte 19 Chevauchée de Guillaume - Clécy > Cossesseville
 Map 19 William the conqueror’s route - Clécy > Cossesseville
 Carte 20 Chevauchée de Guillaume - Cossesseville > Pont d'Ouilly
 Map 20 William the conqueror’s route - Cossesseville > Pont d'Ouilly
 Carte 21 Chevauchée de Guillaume - Pont d'Ouilly > Bazoches au Houlme
 Map 21 William the conqueror’s route - Pont d'Ouilly > Bazoches au Houlme
 Carte 22 Chevauchée de Guillaume - Bazoches au Houlme > Falaise
 Map 22 William the conqueror’s route - Bazoches au Houlme > Falaise
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Course difficulty : Medium